Furrows: Eva Yaakobov, Rina Ramon, Anat Gil Manor

Curator: Arie Berkowitz
05.05.2024 11:00 - 25.05.2024 14:00

Eva, Rina and Anat, three artists in the midst of life, make a point of meeting once a week, in order to paint together, discuss art, and receive advice from well known artists. They have come together to exhibit for the first time as a group, at the Tel Aviv Artists House.

These gatherings have not effected the individuality of each artist and have probably contributed to it. The present exhibition, consists of three separate exhibitions which have a common denominator: all three artists are undergoing a transition from the figurative to the abstract. Nevertheless, each one manifests her individuality background and personal experience, in her art.

Eva Maria Yaakobov, creates a series of images of a biological nature. Coming from the field of Psychiatry she makes use of organic forms which are revealed under the lens of a microscope. These forms multiply and spread reaching the edge of the canvas and beyond, turning into an eruptive abstraction of patches, each one with its own D.N.A

Rina Ramon, brings her family and her occupation as a preschool teacher, into her work. In Poland the family had a textile business. This effected Rina’s work as she chose to use fabrics, thread and beads to assemble collages of a kind, combining coffee stains which spread on canvas thus creating a series of abstract portraits. The home, as she outs it, is a store room of broken wings. Her aim is to restore it by sticking together the broken pieces to make it whole.

Anat Gil Manor, presents portraits. As an art therapist, portraits are the meansby which one reaches into the soul of the subject matter as well as the artist. The portraits depict mostly females. Color blends into the canvas and turns into patches creating a blend of the abstract and the figurative

Three artists Eva Rina and Anat, compliment each other in subject matter and in form. Despite the differences their perseverance and artistic profoundness evoked by their regular gatherings and training is evident.  In this triumvirate each artist has a distinct language for the public to enjoy.

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