Tel Aviv Artists House

The Artists’ House in Tel Aviv has been a cornerstone and platform for the development and promotion of Israeli visual culture since its foundation in 1948. Beyond its influential role as the home of the first Hebrew Association of Painters and Sculptors and as an incubator and engine for the other artists’ associations in the country to be established – the house also developed simultaneously as a public gallery for art exhibitions, as a meeting place, experience and collaboration of artists and creators from various disciplines, and as a publisher of Israeli art for diverse audiences in Israel and around the world.

Since 2002, the house and all its contents and operations have been managed by the Tel Aviv Association of Painters and Sculptors. The association is managed by an elected board of directors and a hired artistic team that outlines the spirit of the place, the curatorial direction and the activity of the exhibition spaces, publications and workshops.

Under the artistic and curatorial direction of Aryeh Berkowitz. Since 2005, the artists’ house has developed as a multidisciplinary social and cultural platform that promotes and practically makes accessible the means of production, collaboration and distribution of art to expanding communities and audiences – while presenting veteran artists alongside young ones, research themed exhibitions and cross-sectional exhibitions with a social message.

Nowadays, as a cultural center, the association also sees itself as having the role of preserving the heritage of the house and the artistic and social activities that took place and are taking place there, by establishing an archive that will make the materials accessible to anyone who wants them and in the future will be used for artistic research in Israel and a source of information about the depth of doing and creating in the place from the days of its establishment until the present time.

On the outer wall was printed the embroidery work of the artist Noli Omar “Allegorical Wedding”, 2021

Statue of Avner Levinson

Exterior wall painting in the front by Rotem Reshef

Head statues of Avner Levinson

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