Blues: Ofri Akavia

Curator: Arie Berkowitz
06.04.2024 11:00 - 27.04.2024 14:00

My work derives mainly from two fields of interest- music and painting. Both revolve around structure, composition, color, pace and beauty. Both have been pivotal in my life, and are intertwined in my mind.  In music blue is the color of melancholy. In the past two years I have found myself drawn to the blues.

Some of the work here focuses on relationships and encounters between objects. Light shed on these objects becomes a theme in its self. Sometimes the object is left incomplete or is veiled, but its presence is perceptible in the motion it generates on paper or in the black hue present in each and every painting. It is a sinkhole which embodies endless possibilities.

Perhaps this is how melancholy metamorphoses into beauty. This beauty does not strive to be pleasant to the eye. Some kind of amputation, some trap, a disturbance, a dead end state of mind.

At times the gaze is lifted above eye level upward and at other times it descends to the ground.

More often than not, vacant of people, but their traces are everywhere.

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